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"Produkty" Grocery Store. Modern-Day Slavery in Russia. Fourth Report.

Today, Bakiya felt rested and looked happier than ever. Thankfully, her son Baurzhan had finally abandoned his imaginary language and slipped back into his native Uzbek. “Come on, draw something!” he ordered fiercely, and before I knew it, he snatched my marker pen and began to draw by himself.

The boy has spent all his life locked up in a shop cellar, and now circumstances are forcing him to stay inside a claustrophobic refugee hostel room—again. As Russia heads into the winter months, the boy remains without warm shoes and clothing. Even though he is nearly 6, he could easily fit into the clothes of a 2-year-old. Much like her son, Bakiya might be left without winter shoes and warm clothing to protect her against the merciless Russian frosts.

While the little Baurzhan might not completely understand the situation yet, there is something that he instinctively loves: drawing. We know that it would really brighten up his life to have sketching paper, paint, and utensils.

Some caring folks from the Civic Assistance Committee have already donated a couple of cute things: a toy car, a stuffed dragon, and a stuffed kitty cat.

We welcome all donations—medicine, food, clothing, household items, shoes, toys—and encourage all caring individuals to donate.

Remember that freed slaves and refugees really, really need your help to get through these hard times.

Author: Victoria Lomasko
Translation: Valentine Sergeyev

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